Nederlander People Don’t Understand Car Insurance Policy

The car insurance policy’s of just about every car insurance company within the netherlands will be to obscure. Nearly 60% from the nederlander people don’t exactly understand what their privileges are and just what their obligation are. This isn’t exactly what the AFM (Nederlander authority for real estate markets) wants. They need more transparency and readable guidelines for customers. A completely independent Nederlander insurance compare website ( did a study on policy conditions of 46 companies. Only 3 companies had an optimistic review.

The very best carrying out insurance providers

The very best insurance providers that obtained sufficient. Are Ditzo, InShared and Orion Direct. The Ditzo Autoverzekering (autoverzekering is nederlander for car insurance) obtained a B2 score. Which means that less then 20% has difficulties reading through the written text. The rest of the companies obtained a C1 that is a high reading through level.


The independent website analysed the insurance policy conditions using “Texamen”. This can be a tool which could analyse the written text and provide it a grade for difficulty. Texamen examines entire sentences, words, sentences and also the impossibility of the used language. Only 3 companies obtained sufficient. The rest of the companies did use to difficult language for his or her audience.

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