Health Insurance for Music artists – A Cutting-edge Austin Program

Austin likes the self-marketed but well-deserved status as live music capital around the globe. Recently, the town has made the decision to place its money where its mouth would be to maintain it this way. Probably the most innovative and socially progressive ways it’s doing that’s by supplying an insurance coverage program for working music artists through HAAM, or Health Alliance for Austin Music artists.

It is a unique concept. Besides New Orleans, Austin may be the only city in america to supply such comprehensive healthcare to the local music artists.

“This city loves individuals who make music for all of us all,” based on Betty Dunkerley, Austin Mayor Professional Tem and HAAM board member. “Believe than Health Alliance for Austin Music artists can there be to exhibit our appreciation? HAAM makes members’ lives better.”

HAAM was produced in 2005 consequently of the partnership between local hospitals and also the Sim cards foundation with support in the city as well as other Austin companies. They recognized the tremendous need that been around locally of music artists within the city for reasonable healthcare. Greater than 8,000 working music artists reside in Austin and many of them are without insurance. Instead of wait for a federal or condition government to develop an agenda to assist the countless People in america who don’t have health insurance, this community of music artists as well as their supporters made the decision to supply which help themselves.

Funding for that organization is supplied by business and donations as well as other grants or loans. The HAAM benefit day every October mobilizes music artists, local companies and city authorities to boost money for that organization. In The Year 2006 they elevated greater than $107,000, and most $180,000 in 2007. Other occasions all year round, for example Austin music backer Nancy Coplin’s Large SIX-O birthday celebration lately, donate their proceeds to HAAM too. Obviously, interested supporters might also donate money anytime with the HAAM.

HAAM’s 2007 annual report discloses over 3,900 medical, dental and mental health visits which gained a 94 percent approval rating from member-music artists. This success is a result of a 1-of-a-kind collaboration one of the Seton Group of Hospitals (clinic visits, medications, hospital services and specialist recommendations), St. David’s Community Health Foundation Leadership (dental visits) and also the Sim cards Foundation (counseling, psychological and addiction-recovery periods).

Membership in 2007 increased to 929 which 65 % were 40 years old and more youthful, with 67 percent generating under $15,000 annually. To get the advantages in the program, people must reside in Travis County and have the ability to prove they make money playing music. For a lot of services, people be forced to pay a little co-pay another services are supplied free of charge.

The Sim cards foundation was named after Austin music performer Sim cards Ellison who lost a lengthy fight with depression and committed suicide in 1995. His dying shocked the Austin community and several family and buddies made the decision to produce the Sim cards foundation to supply low-cost counseling, psychological and addiction recovery plan to music artists who needed it. The building blocks provided greater than 2,300 such periods in 2007.