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Tips For Choosing The Right Which Insurance Products In Accordance With Our Needs

Nowadays a lot of insurance companies, so we have to be smart in choosing an insurance company where we use, you can also get finance tips from us, Here we will discuss about tips to choose a variety of insurance products offered.

  1. Make Sure The Seller Is A Licensed Agent Insurance Products And Genuinely Representing The Insurance Company That He/She Recommended.

 The first tip, it becomes important tip to confirm whether the insurance salesman is authorized agent or a broker only. What are the interests of this issue? If a person becomes an official agent then he will truly responsible for the products they sell and what’s more responsible for customers in prospect. If he is not the official agent of the motivation in selling insurance products a little questionable, the important thing is if he is a broker we are most likely to experience difficulties in the event of a claim because he was not able to help directly, and this is very detrimental to customers who take out these insurance products ,

 How do we confirm that the agent is authorized agent? By asking the membership card. Every official agent must have a member’s card either temporary or FULL LICENSE. So no one asked their membership if you are offered insurance products. This is to ensure that the agency that offers such products will be able to help you if there is a claim or take care of the administration and others.

  1. Recognize Needs and Abilities We Over The Past, The New View On Products Offered.

 Often we do not know exactly to our needs in buying something. Buying insurance products are not the same as buying the products tangible (can be seen, touched and seen) as a car, house etc. Insurance is a product intangible (can not be seen, touched let alone seen) but the effect obtained is whole life (lifelong), therefore the initial consideration is crucial because if not right in choosing the loss felt was a lifetime (although we could stop at any time to cover our insurance policy, but it means a loss).

 So when it decided to consider buying a product from the Insurance Policy insurance company, we must determine our needs first.

  1. Know Your Insurance Company Offer Products.

 Do not be hasty in buying insurance products, but also not too long because, do not forget, insurance protection is very necessary in this unpredictable world, we do not know when we are sick, we experience a disaster or even death?

 Well, to determine the credibility of the company is not easy, but at least the following things should be considered.

 -Age company will determine the credibility of the company because it proves the existence of companies that continue to run the economy buffeted by various difficulties from time to time. It’s just that often the life of the company is not directly proportional to service and product quality. But at least the beginning of this into consideration that needs to be asked.

 -Award Earned credibility of the company is also supported from the company’s ability to obtain AWARD in event-event eg, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Award etc. The involvement of insurance companies in a competition like this is very important because the base insurance business is service, so a commitment to serve customers well be evidence of the seriousness of the company in maintaining customer confidence.

-Capital, There are many opinions that non-local insurers more powerful than local insurers. This opinion is not wrong though not exact. Because it is in fact no local insurers out of business because of capital is not strong and just as an extension of the Company’s existing conglomeration. But if we see not a few local insurance companies that survived until a long time, even now still exist. This proves that the company is able to withstand the economic storm that hit our country.

 -Directions Investment Insurance In addition to capital, the insurance company’s investment direction is unquestionable. For sure local companies towards investing in the country, for it must be checked which the fund was developed / invested for security insurance fund lies in the policy of the insurance company in putting their investment funds. If he chooses to stock investing their ailing companies, it could be a danger of customer funds.

  1. Product Compare with Other Insurance.

 Comparing it is the right product the customer / consumer, so it is better to get the best insurance product, do not rush, ask for some insurance companies make illustrations and start learning to insurance products. Of course the comparison is also based on knowledge of previous tips so that when getting the most appropriate product that is the result of careful consideration. It may be that we do not get the best product because there is no perfect product, because all the products have its own consequences, but at least not by comparing us closer to knowing how to think about the consequences.…