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Selling Insurance Doesn’t Have to be Like Fingernails Down a Chalkboard

Sure, selling insurance is tough. You knew that when you got into this game. If you didn’t, someone pretty early on must have warned you.

Selling insurance is a game that involves sales pitches to people who are immediately skeptical, always penny-pinching, and usually feel indestructible and like your product is worthless to them. It can be very difficult to make a sale when you work in insurance, but it certainly does not have to be impossible.

When you are feeling like sales pitches are turning into unbearable parts of your job, try changing your approach a bit. Rather than reading off of a script, sounding like a monotone computer program, try to relate to your potential customers on a personal level. This is the best way to secure a sale.

If you are hoping to connect with your customers on a personal level, it helps to relate to them on something. Quickly assess their personality and seize hold of something obvious and tangible that the two of you have in common.

For example, if you are going to be pitching life insurance coverage to older ladies, a stop to the local Nail Salon in Chicago would greatly increase your odds of success. By getting your nails done at the local nail salon, it would be much easier for you to connect with prospective clients when you meet face to face. Once you notice their nails have been done recently, just observe out loud how pretty their nails are. Say something like, “Wow, those are beautiful. I just had mine done at La Dorina Day Spa, where did you get yours done?” This simple hook will secure their interest and get you some buy in. That way when you start your pitch, you already have a rapport with the lady.

You can even use your visit at the nail salon to strike up conversations with some of these ladies. Once they inquire what you do for a living, let them know how wonderful your company’s services are. This is an easy in- they already like you because you share the same tastes as them in nail salons, and now they understand you have a valuable service to offer them. Make sure to scoot a chair over and sit a wee bit closer so they can hear just how great your pitch is, that way making an insurance sale doesn’t have to feel like listening to fingernails run down a chalkboard.…

Diabetes Symptoms: The Diet Time

Are you experiencing higher body mass? At this point, you need to know diabetes symptoms which are frequently experienced by obese individuals. People with higher body mass are prone to suffer from diabetes type 2. It means higher carbohydrate intake shall affect the capacity of insulin to suppress it into normal level. Hence, as you are easily hungry or thirst, this might be one of definite symptoms of the disease. Diabetic individuals feel hunger though they have just eaten the meal.

For sure, it might be necessary to control foods or drinks you are eating. It is especially true when it highly contains carbohydrate or sugar. In the same line, higher degree of stress may induce people to suffer from higher glucose level. In that point, you should control the way you think properly. For the most part, it is necessary to begin your diet program. And, Tropicana slim shall be reliable answer.

Diabetes Symptoms, Things to Do

There is no wonder that obesity may induce various diseases, including diabetes and heart attack. People should realize the importance of getting diet to stay healthy. It does not mean that you don’t know healthy foods. Yet, your busy activity at the office shall make you careless on your food selection. People on this situation tend to order junk-foods or instant foods available at local restaurant.

For sure, you can find the following diabetes symptoms helpful in anticipating the emergence of the illness, including:

  • People tend to show greater desire to eat or to drink more after meal time.
  • Sudden decrease of body mass is to refer on higher glucose level in the blood.
  • Individuals frequently feel exhaust though they don’t do hard activities.

In short, as you notice diabetes symptoms, there should be good point in taking the prevention program. And, having a diet is ideal to keep you healthy.…