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Top 5 Free Android Apps For Listening Music

Music has become a greater part of our lives. Everyone From kids to aged love to listen to music on different occasions. But finding Music of your choice and it in best quality is not that easy thing. You can find them from Google directly, but searching for hundreds of songs one by one in Google and then downloading them in high quality is a little bit tough task to perform.

Android is on a day’s ruling the industry of smart device. Android devices are famous for Play store which contains the highest number of apps, games, books, movies. Play store has become searching easier, especially for different apps and games.

Music is one of the popular categories of android play, store and billions of people are using these apps for downloading music. In such a condition when there are hundreds of apps, choosing the best one is difficult and take much time.
So to save your precious time, I am going to mention the top 5 best free android apps For Audio Music.

5 Best Android Apps For Music:

Below we are going to mention Android apps for music with their features and requirements. You can download the game directly from play store, or you can go through ANDROID DAILY UPDATES for downloading their apk.

1. SoundCloud:

The SoundCloud is another great Android application. However, it’s a little bit difficult from Spotify. You cannot download the music directly for offline you can only sync the audio songs but if the app gets reset or deleted all your sync songs will be gone. However, you will be able to get them again when you log in to your account again.

  • The app requires an Android version of 4.0 with a minimum android storage of 100 MBs.
  • Sync audio songs for offline.
  • Search songs more easily by subscribing to your favorite artists.
  • Sign in with your Facebook, twitter or google plus account.
  • Find out songs of your friends from their playlists

2. Google Plus Music:

Google Plus Music is the official Android app for listening music from Google. The app works fine with many new features. You can find different famous and trending audio songs from here.

  • Requirements for the app varies from phone to phone, so it can be downloaded easily.
  • Store up to 50,000 songs in your Google music account
  • Check out the latest songs in high quality.
  • Check out songs of your taste based on your recommendation.
  • Listen to songs from your playlist not only on Android but enjoy it on IOS and web too.

3. Spotify Music:

Spotify is a top android app for music. The app was paid for a long time and still was too much famous on play store having a significant number of downloads, but recently the paid version was converted into three which get viral on play store. SORTIFY PREMIUM is still available for free with premium features.

The requirements of the application vary from phone to phone, so it can be easily downloaded to any Android device.

  • Download audio songs for offline listening.
  • Make searching for songs more accessible with song name, title name, album, etc.
  • Download audio songs in high quality.
  • Get premium features for free.
  • Enjoy the app without ads.

4. Free Music Player MixerBox :

This one another great application for listening music online. This app is also very much popular on play store for listening music. However, the Spotify, Google music, and SoundCloud are first priorities.

Free Music Player requires an Android version of 3.0 or above with a very little free storage.

  • Enjoy not only audio but millions of video songs too.
  • Update your playlist from the web browser.
  • Get access to your friends playlist, and check out their taste.

5. Mp3 Music Downloader :

Mp3 Music Downloader provides audio songs only in mp3 format. The app works really fine and is easy to download on any Android device.

This requires an Android version of 2.3 or above with a very small in build free storage.

  • Download mp3 songs for free.
  • Make searching of songs more easy bu just typing the song’s title, artist name or album name.
  • Download mp3 songs for offline listening.

Best PPOB in Indonesia

About PPOB in Indonesia

PPOB is stands for Payment Point Online Bank. PPOB began in 2009 after the system SOPP not enforced by the agency especially PLN (State Electricity Company). This PPOB system in cooperation with the many Bank in Indonesia as Bukopin, BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI and other banks. PPOB open opportunity for people to grow the business and cooperate with the Collecting Agent PPOB or Switcher.

One famous PPOB in my opinion is PPOB Bukopin. Why PPOB Bukopin is better than others? I will review some of the advantages PPOB Bukopin with PPOB on another bank, I am practitioner who has been struggling in the PPOB Online Payments since 2005.

Benefit of PPOB Bukopin

  1. Web Based Applications : With the web based applications, counter no longer need to install the application on his PC, just need to log in or entering the Web transaction that has been provided.
  2. No need to update : Because web-based update is only done by the Switcher and Bank Bukopin side (server side), customers / counters do not need to update on his side.
  3. There are 3 options transactions: Could on Computers, Gadgets and Mobile Printer, and the last technology is using only SMS

Perhaps only 3 that only benefit of PPOB Bukopin, but no less important is the Collecting Agent behind the PPOB. A Collecting Agent (CA) must have a robust system to handle PPOB Bukopin system. Well of some CA Bukopin I know tough is IMPERIUMPAY.NET, I will explain why IMPERIUMPAY.NET most formidable among other Bukopin Collecting Agents.

Benefit PPOB Bukopin by IMPERIUMPAY.NET:

  1. Free Registration Fee.
  2. Big Commission, ie PLN administration fee in 2.500 and customer get 2.000.
  3. The Commission immediately entered automatically to customer balances after transactions.
  4. There is no balance to settle.
  5. No sales target.
  6. Transactions on 24 hours.
  7. The deposit for all payment transactions.
  8. Deposit 7 days a week
  9. 5 bank deposits.
  10. The process of registration is only 5 minutes
  11. CS online from 08:00 am – 21:00 pm each day along with their Remote service.

So my advice when choosing PPOB are:

  • Open google, search by keyword PPOB, be sure see the top or number one.
  • If you could, choose who is wear ADS / Advertising, because there will be seen the credibility of a CA PPOB.
  • Try chat or in contact with one of its customer service, if the response is given quickly, then usually the service is also quick.
  • Choose the auto deposit systems, because PPOB taking deposits AUTO more reliable, because they handle thousands of transactions in one day, is not possible when using human resource to check incoming transactions in their bank. So we can be sure CA PPOB taking the manual transaction or reporting the deposit after the transfer is Small PPOB and still hundreds of transactions only.

Hopefully this info will help people to choose and start PPOB by choosing Good Bank and trusted CA.…